Why can’t I see a proof before placing my order?

We provide a real human being to review your artwork for quality assurance. We feel this is a better option than any automated proofing system.

We Will Check Your Artwork Before Printing

Humans (not robots) can accurately advise customers and help them through any art issues. Our graphic designers will check all artwork for issues involving bleed (trim area), resolution and file size. Small problems are “auto-magically” fixed by us to keep things running smoothly.

Also, if you are already aware of possible art issues, consider choosing “Just Make My Graphic Work” for only $9 to ensure your artwork is set up for optimal production standards by one of our staff designers.

If we see any funny business that just cannot be overcome by us, we will contact you before production begins.

Digital Proofs by Email are Available

If you would like a digital proof before we actually begin printing, please state this in the “Messages / Deadlines” area provided on each product page. A digital proof may help you visualize bleed area or provide one final opportunity to double check art before production. Digital proofs are usually provided within 4 to 6 business hours of order placement.

And don’t worry: Take comfort in knowing that you maintain the option of canceling an order for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the proofing process.