What is your metallic paper like?

Our glorious and premium metallic paper options are intended for variant fanart prints. All artists may embrace these new sheets for premier customers or limited edition runs.

  • Metallic Gold (80# Cover) –  Intended for variants and limited edition prints, the Gold replaces any white areas in your art and may also affect other colors unpredictably.
  • Metallic Rose (80# Cover) – This pearl white metallic paper reflects a rose color in the light. 

Metallic prints are available on these products:

  • Single prints (8×10 up to 13×19)
  • 11×14 Art Prints
  • 11×17 Art Posters
  • 12×18 Small Posters
  • 13×19 Small Posters
Here are a few examples of the gold metallic affecting color:
The rose metallic is actually pearl white that feels a little silky and exudes a rose glare. It does not share the unpredictability like the gold metallic. Here is a picture comparing both metallic papers side-by-side.
Our metallic papers are not quite the same as foil solutions other print companies may offer. We do not offer spot foil solutions. The entire sheet of paper is metallic. We hope this helps!