What is “Cover” paper all about?

The term “cover” basically indicates a paper is a thicker card stock. In a nutshell, the term is coined by manufacturers which use different weighing terminology and processes for thicker grade papers.

80# Cover

80# cover stocks are primarily utilized for flyers and upgraded covers for booklets.

Gloss Card (80# Cover) – This high quality, thick paper stock is excellent for shiny posters and thick flyers. Think the cover of a magazine for thickness comparison.

Matte Card (70# Cover) – Has the same feel of the 80# cover gloss, but without shine. Fantastic for print framing and perfect for the artists’ signature. Our 70# matte cover feels just as thick as our 80# gloss papers.

110# and 100# Cover

110# and 100# card stocks are better for postcards, rack cards and business cards where thickness and sturdiness is more important. We’ve upgraded business cards to 130# cover (16pt).

Gloss Card (110# Cover) – More sturdy than the 80lb cover and great for cards of all sizes. This is our cheapest alternative for printing postcards and rack cards.

Matte Card (100# Cover) – High quality card stock without the gloss shine. Our favorite for a more sophisticated look for stationery.

120# and 130# Cover

16pt Gloss (130#) and Matte (120#) Card – Currently only available for business cards, note cards and invitations.

More information about all of our papers is available on our blog.