What Do Digital Proofs Show?

If you add a PDF digital proof to your order, this extra step helps identify grammar errors, possible trim concerns, and CMYK color conversion. However, the visuals are not 100% identical to the final prints since that is a practically impossible achievement. They still act as a more straightforward path toward the most desirable print outcomes.


How to understand your proof:

  • The Green Line is the safety line. Ensure all critical text, photos, and logos by keeping those items within this area.
  • The Red Line is the estimated cut line. Anything between the green and blue lines is at risk of being trimmed.
  • The Blue Line – Your art should extend to this line to give us enough trim area.
What digital proofs do not show:

  • This proof can give you a reasonable idea of color but is not 100% accurate. You will see any possible dramatic color shifts if present.
  • Different papers can have minor effects on the color you can only see with tangible prints. Proofs do not reflect this change.
  • Digital proofs do not represent print quality since file resolutions are condensed. If you are concerned, email the art department by replying to our email.
  • We cannot guarantee the quality of printed images if your file is 300dpi, but the art itself is blurry.

We recommend contacting our customer service if you have further questions about proofs.