What are “Text” Papers?

Utlized mostly by commercial printers, text (or book) papers, a higher end paper often coated or uncoated, are available with flyers, booklets and some small posters. They are a thinner, lower weight paper, that can be compared to the inner pages of a magazine. Terms such as “text” or “book” or “cover” are used for different paper grades during weighing processes by paper manufacturers.

Gloss Paper (80# Text) – This is our most popular paper and is ideal for flyers and brochures. Similar to the inner pages of a magazine.

Matte Paper (70# Text) – Uncoated paper is excellent when the shine of gloss paper is undesired. This stock is also better for hand writing or autographs and is far superior to common copy paper. Uncoated papers feel almost as thick as our 80lb gloss papers.

** Paper Tip – The term “text” is an indication of a lighter weight paper (compared to “cover”) and does not suggest that only text can be printed on it.

Text paper is commonly used in digital printing, offset printing as well as letterpress.

More information about all of our paper choices are available on our blog.