What are my options if my artwork does not include bleed area?

This is a very common issue we see on a daily basis. Many customers send us artwork without bleed area, but we NEED it. Learn more now.

The two most common obstacles concerning the bleed area:

1. When important text/images are outside the safety trim area, this may cause unwanted results like clipping of those items. For instance, your 8×10 print file may be correctly sized as 8.25″ x 10.25″ so it seems everything is fine. However, we noticed that one or more elements are not within the safety area.

2. The artwork has no bleed area at all. For example, rather than sending us 11.25″ x 17.25″ artwork to print an 11×17 poster, your file was sized 11″ x 17″ which does not include that valuable area. Sometimes, we can just resize the art and move forward. That process does not always work.

If we cannot easily fix the bleed area, we will email you a few options:

1. Carefully review your art and try making the necessary adjustments, then email us the new file. We recommend that you keep all essential items 0.25 inches away from the edges. We offer downloadable templates to help you visualize the bleed areas.


2. Adding borders to your art is an easy way to remedy the issue. If you would like us to add those borders, please let us know. This is a free solution.

3. If you would like to maintain a full bleed or edge-to-edge print, and need our assistance, please contact us. Our designers can sometimes fix your bleed problem for $9. We are here to help!

If we are experiencing difficulties adjusting your artwork to fit our “bleed area” parameters, we will contact you with the above three options. If we do not contact you, that indicates we were able to fix it ourselves.

We hope this helps!