How do I save a quality file from Photoshop?

Most print companies do not want to receive PSD files. We prefer your art file as PDF or JPG (although we do accept other file types).

First, ensure you create a new design in the right conditions. Your resolution should be 300dpi or 600dpi at the desired print size or larger. The below instructions may not help improve the quality of your final files if your DPI is too low at the design stages. To change resolution or DPI, go to IMAGE –> IMAGE SIZE. 


  1. Open your PSD file, and flatten it. (Layer –> Flatten Image). We flatten/rasterize everything for a variety of reasons. The intent is to ensure the print resembles what you see on screen.
  2. Next, you want to SAVE AS PDF. We prefer PDF files.
  3. When the save SAVE ADOBE PDF box pops up, Pick HIGH-QUALITY PRINT from the ADOBE PDF PRESET dropdown and uncheck everything in the options below.
  4. In that same box, on the left side, you will see COMPRESSION. Click on that.
  5. There is an option dropdown; select DO NOT DOWNSAMPLE.


  1. In Photoshop, click SAVE AS. Pick JPG.
  2. A “JPEG OPTIONS” box opens up. Make sure the quality settings are set as 12 and MAXIMUM.
    Click OK.