How do customers send in art files?

Sending art to Printkeg is fairly easy, but our upload feature does have problems with files larger than 20MB.

1. Files 20MB or under

The upload feature on each product page should easily handle files 20MB or smaller. If you experience problems, please feel free to email art files to after completing an order. Be sure to provide the order number in the subject area.

Due to the nature of prints requiring high quality files 300 dpi or more, exceeding the 20MB limitation may be common.

We encourage new customers to watch this first video showing a full order being made at

2. Files over 20MB

If your art files surpass the 20MB limitation, after a long period of time patiently waiting, it is likely you will see an error¬†when uploading that file on our website. The upload feature does not actually begin until you click the “Add to Cart” button and an error (or sometimes a blank screen) may occur. This malfunction can be avoided by sending art to us later and skipping the upload options altogether.

Just create an order without uploading art to us through the website. You can email the art later or send it using a file sharing application such as Dropbox, Box, Hightail or Google Drive. Other file sharing solutions are certainly welcome. As mentioned before, many customers also send art to us by email.

Video showing how to send art using Dropbox

This video demonstrates what might happen when trying to upload a huge file and how to utilize Dropbox for sharing art with Printkeg.