How custom design works

Printkeg offers custom design options on each print product. Here is a basic outline how the process flows:

1. Choose the product, quantity and paper type you would like. Then choose the design package that suits your needs.

2. Next, provide us will all relevant information that pertains to your concept. You may leave a customer comment or email the Art Department directly at Be prepared to answer the following questions before we get started.

· Do you have specific colors that you’d like used? Colors you want us to stay away from?
· Do you prefer a modern or a classic look?
· Do you prefer a minimalist design or a flashy one in order to appeal to the target audience?
· Do you want a solid background color, a textured background or a photograph?
· Is some text more important than other text?
· Do certain photos belong with specific text?

3. Please send us all images you would like included in your design. Don’t have images? Please let us know specifically what you want, and we will select an appropriate image from our archives.

4. We will then conceptualize the design, create the design and email a proof for approval.

​5. Once approved, we will send your order to production where it will wait to be printed and shipped. That design will always be available to you, and we recommend keeping a copy yourself.