Do you print in RBG, CMYK or both?

Wide Format

We print in RGB or CMYK color mode for all giclee printing, matching your file’s color information. Giclee printing includes all indoor wide-format products 16×20 and broader, including large posters, large prints, large photography, watercolor prints, framed prints, and canvas prints. We use a pigment-based 12-color ink system, including red, green, and blue. However, that system cannot meet 100% of the RGB spectrum, but we can get very close.

Small Prints

We print in CMYK color mode for smaller prints, such as postcards and 8×10 prints. Those prints require us to use a graphics-enhanced digital press for these products. We implement the latest technologies available to the market. This toner-based system combines with archival media to produce economic fine art prints. Our internal designers will convert all files to CMYK color mode before printing occurs. If you submit a CMYK image, our system will utilize your embedded color profiles.

Outdoor Printing

All outdoor prints and signage, such as banners and yard signs, are printed using solvent-based technology and is converted to CMYK color mode.