Do you charge for shipping?

Yes, We Charge for Shipping.

You are able to configure shipping costs during the checkout process (after the cart page). You will see rates once the full delivery address has been input. We provide the four UPS services and three USPS options based on the destination and package weight. We also pass down any discounts we receive from those carriers to customers.

With UPS, we not only pass on our earned bulk discount rates, we also subtract an additional 10% from that. With USPS, we charge the normal shipping rates as being charged to us. We do not add extra fees for boxes, tape or supplies. We know shipping stinks, but we have not figured out a way to offer free shipping yet (aside from increasing our prices).

One promise we can make. Printkeg will always offer the lowest shipping rates possible for a business our size.

We also offer drop shipping services for only $2 per order.

Free Shipping? Yes Indeed.

Free shipping is something we have experimented with for years and have failed to offer without losing our tails off. Prints can get heavy, and we try to keep our prices low. Hiding shipping fees inside the prices of prints seems shady and impractical, but we are always struggling with this and would love to one day offer a free shipping program that is advantageous to everyone.

UPDATE: We are currently experimenting with an exciting free shipping program and will continue to do so at some level. Free shipping policies may continue to change at our discretion. Thanks for your understanding.